Saturday, 6 July 2002

Our Wedding

Thought I would republish our wedding photos and vows as they constantly bring us good memories. Enjoy!

Peter arrives at 8.00pm dressed as a Bishop and Simon announces - "We have a special guest"
Marriage is what brings us together, today.
rriage - that blessed arrangement,
that dream within a dream.
The dream of love, wrapped within
the greater dream of everlasting rest.
Eternity is our friend - remember that.
And love, true love, will follow you forever.
So treasure your love"

The asking
Maria, since I have known you, you have given me such joy that I didn't think was possible in my lifetime. You have given me a greater understanding of love, and brought out the best in me by allowing me to be myself.
You are the most wonderful person I have ever known, an incredible lover and a true friend, and I love you, Maria, with all my heart and soul.
Maria, will you marry me and live with me as my wife for as long as our love lasts?
The vows

Maria, I promise to be honest and trustworthy to you at all times, to put you before all others and support you in all that you do. I promise to be faithful to you and to honour you during our life together. I promise to be true to myself and thus true to our relationship. And while we are married, I promise to be with you through the good times and the bad until death brings us closer still together.
The asking
Simon, I love you and adore you! Will you marry me and live with me as my husband.
The vows
I will serve thee and be yours
For as many days as your eyes and heart
Can take favour upon me
You shall be my Lord
For all the breaths Offered me by the heavens
You shall be my Lord
Wherever I walk upon theis earth and within it
It will be my duty and my pleasure
To have all that cross my path or view me
Assured that I am one unto you
And to you alone
That wherever I travel I shall bring grace to your name
That I will treasure it as I carry it loyally
And use it only in times whereas to bring you honor
To you and your family
Furthermore I will accept your life
As it is revealed to me

In all its glorious manifestations
From each day to the next
And I will venture to be remembered each moment
That you are a gift sent to me
And that I am now and forever more blessed
I offer you my love
And take from you only that which you freely offer me.

Our wedding guestbook
(copied exactly, with associated typos, from our wedding guestbook)

From Chandra your oldests I trust most dearest (or dreariest) friend and even one time bridesmaid (you must be crazy doing this again!)

I love you both. Mike Crowther x x

Thankyou for allowing me to share you special moment. I love you both - Fiona xxxx

Michelle: In the beginning their was the circle of life to journey along. Along the way, the sound of drum could be heard far away. Followed by the flame of resistance in the distance A spear with great cheer hit you near. The wind blew, you kissed and rest you know.

Congratulations on your marriage! May you both have a long, happy loving life together. May the Gods bestow their everlasting blessings down apon you both. Lots of love and BRIGHT blessings to you both Bob & Kat

What a suprise!?! Will you do this every year? I hope so. Jim

Maria&Simon, Thankyou for the wonderful gist you have given us by including us in your magical wedding. With our deepest love, graditude and blessings Brown & Clare

I'm glad you gave me a sneak on the suprise, as I definately didn't want to miss this special day for anything. All the best for ever & ever. Timo xoxxox

Simon's Mum: To my Dearest Son & his beautiful Bride Maria. I do hope that life will be good to you both and that you will love and cherish each other until the end of time. Both Alan and I give you our love and affection on your special day.

To Simon and Maria - Somewhat late but wow! You have a unique relationship and you make us fat with beautiful food. Enjoy. love Malcolm. In Absentia Eventually Well Sort of running out of space Oh shit.

There is nothing more sacred than the holiness of the heart affections and the truth of the imagination. Bless you , bless you, bless you both, our prayers in the circle are with you and happiness shall follow you evermore. All our love, Alexander, Joy, Bonnie, James & Tootles, Frank, Snowflake, Bushy and Wilhelimina xxxooo

Congratulations, may your love blossom with every day that comes upon you. love Rachel & Terry

A Fun time was had by all !

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